Monday, March 28, 2011

Beware MS Word!

In my last post - also my first post - I mentioned you could write a novel using MS Word, or the old fashioned way, I seemed to imply. I've recently come across a posting why you shouldn't write a novel with MS Word : Beware MS Word! I found this link on the forums at Jim Butcher's website. Hat tip to the poster Mickey Finn. I haven't written 200k words yet, so am personally unaware of MS Word's behavior with large text files. The same forums have a long thread describing various writing tools, including some I didn't cover in my first post. Jim Butcher has a blog where he describes offers several posts on writing tips for beginning authors of genre fiction. Butcher is the author of the Dresden files and Codex Alera and regularly hits the NY Times best seller lists. He isn't really describing anything new, I think - his story skeleton idea looks remarkable similar to something Dwight Swain discusses in Techniques for the Selling Writer. Of course, I'm only posting here because its easier than actually writing.

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